Nik Wallenda walking over Sarasota. Photo: David G. JohnsonLast Tuesday, my family and I had a chance to watch Nik Wallenda walk a wire 200 feet in the air from a crane to one of the gorgeous downtown condominiums here in Sarasota. This is, of course, the same Nik Wallenda who famously walked a wire across Niagara Falls last summer.

And over the last few days, God has really impressed upon me the importance of a business lesson that I picked up watching Nik walk.

What sort of business lessons can you learn from a daredevil?

Well, as a marketer, there are a few irresistible ones. But I’ll save those for another day. The lesson that God has shown me that I want to share with you today is the importance of walking in peace.

Now, I’m no expert at daredevil stunts. But like you’ve no doubt heard yourself in the past, when you’re in that sort of situation—completely exposed, at risk and with no safety net—staying calm and walking in peace is critical. In fact, for Nik Wallenda, it’s a matter of life and death.

Last summer, as he walked across Niagara Falls, it was such a powerful thing to hear Nik walk in peace. How do you hear someone walk in peace? The live feed from his microphone caught him saying, “Thank You, God… Thank You, Father,” and so on as he stepped onto the wire into the tumultuous atmosphere above the falls. You could literally sense that he was receiving from God in that moment.

That was a significant lesson for me at the time. In fact, his stunt in Sarasota last Tuesday seemed like a literal “walk in the park” by comparison — until you factor in the winds. It was remarkably windy that day. It wasn’t so obvious from the ground level, where my wife, Jill, and our daughter, Grace, and I sat basking in the sun. But afterward when I watched a YouTube video shot from the GoPro camera on his pole and heard the wind level in the microphone, and then heard him talking from the wire about how his training for the Niagara walk was what prepared him for that moment, it really amped up the power of that lesson for me. He said that had it not been for all the training he’d done for the Niagara walk, he probably wouldn’t have been up there last Tuesday in that kind of wind.

When you’re in stormy conditions of any kind, as a believer you have access to God’s peace that, “…passes all understanding.” But it isn’t just a nifty platitude that sounds good on a Sunday morning. It’s a tangible, real benefit available to you. And it could mean the difference between success or failure in the midst of that circumstance.

You see, Nik Wallenda carries with him the memory of his great grandfather, Karl. After decades of wowing crowds around the world, Karl took a tragic fall from the wire in 1978 that ended his life. Now… Nik comes from a legendary family (the “Flying Wallendas”) with generations of circus performers as his heritage. But as Karl’s grandson, you don’t step out onto the wire without remembering what happened to him. In fact, Nik paid his grandfather a beautiful tribute as he knelt down onto the wire and waved to the crowds—something I didn’t discover until I watched the video clips after the fact.

In business and in life, the risks we face are very real. How we handle those risks is up to us. We could back off, choosing some safer way of life. Or we can do what we’re made to do, and access the peace of God in real time, just like Nik does.

How can you allow God’s peace to carry you today?

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