David G. Johnson, Founder of Nourish The Dream

David G. Johnson, Founder of Nourish The Dream

Nourish The Dream is born out of a passion to see members of the Body of Christ become all they can be.

We believe that there are many believers who are increasingly becoming aware that in order for the Kingdom of God to advance, it will require our participation 7 days a week. There are many who recognize that their gifts, talents, passions, and even dreams must be used… and in ways that go beyond part-time Christianity.

In addition, we recognize that the Spirit of God is stirring His people to truly realize their dreams. That many sense a calling to own businesses. And that there are those who already own businesses that are awakening to the truth that God called them to the business world. And that a calling to the marketplace is not a second-class calling, but a high calling from God.

For those who find themselves in one of these categories, we applaud you. And we want to help you recognize the giftings and callings of God that are operating in your lives. We want to provide an opportunity for you to be encouraged and equipped for your full-time ministry. And we want to create an atmosphere that will allow for relationships between Kingdom-minded people to be built and strengthened.

Whether or not you see yourself as a business owner, if you are interested in learning about how to advance the Kingdom of God through your daily life, then this movement is for you.

We encourage you to dream. And we’re here to help you Nourish The Dream.

Created by David G. Johnson