I remember clearly the day I sat across from my good friend over a cup of coffee in a local restaurant. We had met early in the morning to talk about some of the challenges we faced in profitability in our businesses. He, the CEO of a software company servicing clients on multiple continents, and I, operating a marketing consultancy.

While we had been good friends for years, something developed out of that conversation that brought our friendship to an entirely new level of intimacy. I knew, for example, that he had been born overseas — the son of missionaries to some of the darkest parts of the world. I also knew — having met his father and mother — the level of devotion to Christ that had caused them to risk their very lives in service to the Call of God.

He knew that I had been born into a devoted Christian family here in the States — that my father had been a pastor when I was younger, and that my mother’s father had been in the ministry since shortly after World War II. He knew that our family was in church every time the doors were open.

What neither of us knew until that day, however, was that both of us dealt with an inner struggle with success. It seemed that we both had always reached a place where that “big breakthrough” had eluded us just when it seemed to be in our grasp. We learned that both of us were fighting against inner programming — instilled in us from childhood — that somehow there was something “wrong” with hitting a big win financially and in business. Both of us had come to understand that we were serving God in the marketplace in response to His call on our lives… and yet we both had run up against seemingly impenetrable barriers.

We began meeting on a regular basis to explore the roots and the nature of the battle between heart and head — between Biblical understanding and the traditions that seemed to be infused in our thinking. What we discovered and what God has shown us — individually and jointly — has been nothing short of amazing.

What about you? Do you struggle with whether God could really want you to accomplish what you’re working so hard to achieve?

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