Yesterday we began talking about how someone who believes in the Word of God should respond to bad economic news. We’re going to continue that particular discussion in the days ahead.

For today, however, I wanted to post a quick note because I wanted to share some really great practical advice from the blog of author Tim Ferriss. He has a guest post that serves as a great response to all of the fear in the atmosphere. His guest, Cameron Herold, has some tips on “activity pairing.” In other words, here’s what to do in different cycles of your business.

As someone who has started multiple businesses, I can tell you that I wish I had known:

  1. I’m not alone in having emotional ups and downs, and
  2. There are great times to perform certain types of work… and terrible times.

Hope this is insightful and helpful to you.  We’ll pick up our main line of thought next time.

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