Throughout the past year or so, an unusual recurring theme has found its way into any number of conversations I’ve been a part of — primarily in a business context.

What kind of economic shake-up is coming? And… how can we be best prepared for it?

On a local level, a group of Kingdom-minded leaders — both from the business and “traditional ecclesiastical ministry” sectors — have been gathering with the intention of forging relationship and creating strategic plans for the region.

On a national and international level, people that I’ve been privileged to connect to — authors, thought leaders, small business owners and others — have all played a role in this odd drama.

What’s unusual is that in some cases, I’ve not even brought the subject up. In other cases, I’ve noticed what people said and have asked more questions to find out more.

To the point, the conversations have several common threads:

  • there is some sort of economic shakeup coming, potentially including the failure or replacement of our money system
  • investment in relationships now will be the most valuable asset we have on the other side of whatever may occur
  • in the Kingdom of God, collaboration isn’t just a good idea, it’s an essential requirement for us to fulfill our God-given purpose
  • the role of independent small business is significant

I don’t pay attention to the media looking for validation of what God seems to be speaking. That being said, when I hear a similar sound being made in other contexts, it makes me pay attention.

One of the networks had a guest on yesterday by the name of Gerald Celente. I hadn’t heard of him before and know nothing about him except what I heard and a very little bit that I’ve read. What’s most significant to me is the substance of what he had to say. I located some predictions he made recently that have appeared on the web, which are more complete than the brief segment in which he appeared on televsion.

After reading it, I invite you to come back here so that we can dialogue about what he said using the “comment” functions on this site. Be sure to check the box that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” so you can stay up-to-date on what others are saying. (You can control your preferences yourself on this by coming back here or by using the link in any message you receive.)

You can find Mr. Celente’s predictions here. (You may want to scroll down a bit to get to the bold subheadline that says “Interview” with a photograph of Mr. Celente.)

I’m looking forward to dialoguing with you after you’ve had a chance to check out what he had to say.

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