If you follow the path of least resistance — as we are so prone to do — it’s easy to slide down the slippery slope of negativity while being bombarded by all the bad news about the economy. Perhaps you’ve lost a job or experienced a downturn in your business. Maybe your local environment is getting tough… you might be surrounded by foreclosures or businesses boarding up or people in dire circumstances.

Never Waste a Good Crisis!

Never Waste a Good Crisis!

Regardless of what’s happening around us, though, we are in one of the greatest moments of opportunity in our lifetimes.


Because in times of change, opportunities get created. In times of great change, more opportunity exists than at any other time. And now is without doubt a time of significant change.

John F. Kennedy once related that the Chinese character for “crisis” is a conglomeration of two other characters: “danger” and “opportunity.” This means that in any crisis — including a major one — you have a choice about what you will see. On the face of it — the portion that is obvious to anyone — is the danger. And in fact that facet of any crisis will be the most oft-repeated. It’s simply a matter of human nature.

But as people inhabited by the Spirit of Almighty God, the Creator Himself, we have the ability to look beyond what we are bombarded with in our 5 senses. We can, instead, view the situation from an entirely different perspective. Yes, there are needs; perhaps even great needs. But to a creative person who is diligently looking through the lens of opportunity, needs represent the occasion for solutions.

I firmly believe that hidden within the Kingdom of God are all answers to life’s situations. We as believers are the very dwelling place of the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation (Ephesians 1:17). Like Joseph confronted with the news of impending disaster in the nation of Egypt, we have the ability to access the Wisdom of God to understand how to bring solutions.

And here’s the interesting thing: the world pays for solutions. The marketplace rewards problem solvers.

Friend, this is our moment to shine. Perhaps you have a dream of moving out of the system of wage slavery that dominates our society. Maybe you’ve been considering starting a business. Perhaps you’ve been questioning God about your purpose, your calling, your destiny.

This is your hour to allow God’s Spirit to reveal to you how to share the giftings and talents that He has put in you… and to share them in a way that provides solutions to the problems of others while providing a reward for you and your family.

The key is found in 2 distinct, but connected elements:

  1. Pursue relationship with God at all cost.
  2. Take action on what He reveals to you.

We must first seek after Him with all of our hearts. Clear up your relationship with Him. If you’re angry, resentful or frustrated with God as a result of your difficult circumstances (or those of people around you), then tell Him. Allow His Spirit to address the issues. Plow into His Word. Allow Him to speak to you. Cultivate a listening heart.

Secondly, we must take action. God has “right now” Wisdom available to us. We may never see a season of such incredible opportunity again in our lives. Simply hearing from God will not be sufficient. We must act. This is the hallmark of the life of faith: it is a life of action. Sieze the moment. Grab the opportunities in front of you… and take territory for the Kingdom of God by force.

Will it be easy? No. But valuable doings rarely are. This doesn’t mean it will be complicated, but it will require that you reach down into the depths of your internal fortitude and latch on to the supernatural power of God residing within you.

You can do it!

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