I want to personally extend an invitation to you to join me in Columbus, Ohio for the ProVision 2010 Conference.

This event is being hosted by Gary Keesee, who along with his wife Drenda hosts the Faith Life Now television broadcast, whose vision for the conference is to equip believers with both practical training and inspirational empowering to be successful in business.

Provision 2010 Conference with Gary Keesee and David G. Johnson

Provision 2010 Conference with Gary Keesee and David G. Johnson

It is my privilege to join a powerful lineup of speakers for this event, including Mike Healy, Stan Souder, Bert Lindsay, Jerry Frisbee, CPA, as well as Drenda Keesee and Amy Freudiger.

There will be something for everyone — whether you own a business, are planning to start a business, or are simply looking to advance in your profession.

For those of you looking to grow a business, I’ll be presenting these topics:

How To Grow Your Business Now Using 21st Century Tools

When traditional marketing methods aren’t producing needed results, you need to know:

  • how Google rankings and social media affect your sales
  • why SEO (search engine optimization) companies and web designers may be COSTING you sales
  • how to more effectively get your message in front of the right prospects and create new revenue for your business!

PLUS: the #1 ROI (Return on Investment) Marketing Medium Available Today!

You can catch this session on Friday the 25th at 2pm or Saturday the 26th at 2pm.

Social Media Secrets: 5 Ways to Beat Your Competition

Are outlets like Facebook & Twitter time wasters or revenue producers? Market research has proven that it’s possible to substantially improve your profits with social media. But having an account & using it strategically are 2 different things! This practical “how to” session will give you the understanding you need to effectively engage your marketplace and get results!

PLUS: the System You Can Use to Multiply Sales in Only 10 Minutes Per Day!

You can catch this session on Friday the 25th at 3:30pm or Saturday the 26th at 11:30am.

These are going to be powerful worskshops, but there’s one session I’m even more excited about. It’s this one:

What To Do Next Monday: Renegade Strategies In Action

We’ve all done it: attended a conference and taken page after page of notes… only to let them sit and gather dust after re-entering our busy lives. In this unique interactive training session, we’ll move beyond dispensing information and will take you through some powerful exercises that will help you take action and get you on the road to results before you even get home!

Here’s something I’ll fill you in on as a reader of Nourish The Dream that other folks don’t know about: we’re going to do some real “hands-on” stuff in this last session. In fact: we’re going to get a volunteer (or 2) and lay out a killer marketing strategy for them as a group. This will create some amazing take-aways for the people who need to get results quickly in their businesses! If that’s you… don’t miss it!

This last session will only be happening once: on Saturday the 26th at 3:30pm.

There will also be a couple of other unique opportunities for us to interact, including a lunch with Gary Keesee and all the speakers (separate registration is required for that) on Friday, as well as a late night rapid-fire Q&A Session Friday night.

The event will be held at The Now Center in New Albany, which is on the Northeast side of Columbus. Get the rest of the details and register for the conference here.

I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

Jerry Frisbee, CPA
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