In this episode, we’re reviving the Nourish The Dream Podcast! This is going to become a regular feature around here, and with today’s installment, we’re going straight for a very difficult subject.


Nourish The Dream Podcast

How Have the Circumstances of Recent Years Affected You and Your Dreams?

With a rapidly changing, often difficult business climate for the last few years, many people have experienced hardships and dealt with circumstances they may have never previously imagined possible.

In today’s podcast episode, we address head-on the death of your dreams. Hopefully you haven’t dealt with some of the difficulties… loss of a business, bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss of a marriage, loss of a job. But if you have… or even if you’ve only been impacted in a small way, you may be hearing a message about you and about your future. And it may be time to take another look at that message.

Listen today and be encouraged!

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