Who Is Responsible to Create Your Economic Opportunity?

Who Is Responsible to Create Your Economic Opportunity?

One of the (many) things that frustrates me about the current political discussion in the US has to do with economic opportunity. As is typical in the realm of politics, the debate over how to create economic opportunity is framed in such a way that an underlying presupposition is passed on to everyone as fact.

In this case, the presupposition is this: that government can and should create economic opportunity.

Government cannot create—nor has it ever created—economic opportunity. In fact, the reverse is often true. The original colonists that came to this land from Europe were fleeing from oppressive governments whose tyranny dominated many aspects of their lives, not the least of which was their ability to produce wealth.

But before we get carried away into a purely political discussion (which is not my purpose), I want to ask the real question at the heart of this thought:

Who is responsible to create economic opportunity for you and your family?

Think about that for a moment. When you’re pining away for a larger paycheck (or perhaps any paycheck), who is it you hold responsible for it? Who do you look to to bring that about?

Sadly, many people today look to sources like:

  • an employer
  • Uncle Sam
  • “the economy”
  • Wall Street
  • Main Street


What about you?

Some will say, “I look to God to create economic opportunity,” and will cite scriptures like Philippians 4:19 (“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”). That sounds very noble and very spiritual, but many people who say things like this are in dire need. Something’s missing.

I’ve got more to say about this, but I’m interested in your thoughts. Fire away in the comments below and let’s have a discussion!