Business Ownership Is The Real Key to Stabilizing the Economy

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Real Answers for Your Business: Nourish The Dream Tampa 2012

Real Answers for Your Business: Nourish The Dream Tampa 2012

SARASOTA, Florida January 30, 2012—While political leaders debate ways of turning the U.S. economy around, entrepreneurs everywhere are choosing to take action. Small-business owners and local business leaders have the trust of the American public over elected officials when it comes to job creation, according to a November, 2011 Gallup poll. Meanwhile, huge corporate bailouts, trade regulations, higher business taxes and money-printing strategies are causing the dollar to sink further and further into extinction. The only real answer to surviving and even thriving, individually and as a country, is for entrepreneurs to step up to the plate and open new businesses or boldly take steps to grow their current companies. On March 30-31, 2012 at the Wyndham Tampa Westshore hotel in Tampa, FL, business leaders will gather at the Nourish the Dream event to receive not just motivation, but solid training and actionable tools for taking their businesses to a completely new stratosphere in the coming year and quelling the current economic chaos.

“This event is not for the faint of heart, but for those ready to take action, seize the economic opportunities created by the collapse of the corporate giants and position their businesses to dominate,” says Cheryl Clunk, Operations Director of Nourish the Dream. This event will include top presenters like Wes Cantrell, Former Chairman and CEO of Lanier Worldwide, Inc.; Gary Keesee, Host of the Fixing the Money Thing television show; Dennis Peacocke, author of Doing Business God’s Way; plus, several other sought-after speakers. Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and proud son of the legendary Zig Ziglar, will expound on the sole purpose and reason businesses exist and he’ll also share what he’s discovered to be the top critical keys for success.

“Business ownership is the real, original American dream,” says David G. Johnson, founder of Epiphany Marketing LLC, the organization behind the Nourish The Dream event. “Having been a business owner for 18 years, I’ve developed a real passion for small-business entrepreneurs. I like the way they think and take risks, and I love helping their businesses grow and dominate their markets.”

Johnson founded Nourish the Dream in 2006 for the purpose of empowering & mobilizing business owners to return to powerful, faithful principles for transforming businesses from just one way to make a living to the true expression of a person’s calling.

“People who create and own small businesses are much more committed to seeing their own economic situation—and that of those they work with—really change than any political or large corporate leader,” says Johnson. “This event will empower those considering starting a businesses and will provide strategic fuel for those who already own businesses.”

Those who are interested in growing their business, increasing revenues and having a direct impact on repairing the economy, can register for Nourish the Dream online. This two-day event only costs $197 with the Early Bird registration, which ends Feb 29, 2012.


If you’d like more information about this event, or to schedule an interview with David G. Johnson, please call Cheryl Clunk at 941-822-0686 or e-mail Cheryl at cheryl [at] nourishthedream [dot] com