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Are You Functioning at the Place of Convergence?

Are You Functioning at the Place of Convergence?

There is an internal mechanism within each of us that operates similar to a GPS. This navigational tool is designed to provide direction. Unfortunately, many spend their lives listening to this inner voice saying: “recalculating…recalculating.”  They drive lost; second guessing their turns and questioning choices in life. They live in a constant flux of re-evaluation; always searching for the quickest route to somewhere, unable to find the on-ramp to a satisfying life.

In order to successively navigate, you must have a clear understanding of your “somewhere”. There must be clarity in regards to the address you are seeking…you must learn how to find home! Where do you shine? What are your natural tendencies, your interests and your passions? It is this ability to identify your sweet spot that allows you to provide accurate input for your internal compass. Defining this data of purpose and direction will help to pave a path and minimize the U turns and traffic jams of life.

However, knowing your destination is not enough. Life is littered with those who have found themselves and yet sat waiting for circumstances to give them the green light to proceed. The commitment to prepare and develop the required skills impacts the ability to start and finish the journey. A variety of equipping avenues are available such as books, classes, on the job training, coaching and conferences. Each external development provides the opportunity to test drive vehicles and practice for navigating the course.

It is the combination of internal direction and external preparation that positions individuals to discover the on-ramp of life and merge safely on to their freeway. This critical moment is called Convergence.

Many individuals spend their lives searching for Convergence and yet it is neither mystical nor unattainable. It lies within the grasp of each one of us. It requires the ability to listen…really listen to what makes you tick and sets you apart. It then requires the discipline to take this revelation and apply elbow grease, hard work and intentional tuning of your skill sets. In convergence you operate on a new level and are fueled by a higher octane. It is here, that you experience a deeper satisfaction and enter into a more rewarding life.

Convergence happens in multiple areas of life at varying times. Catalysts can be used to accelerate this process. Our goal is to function as a catalyst for convergence in the lives of individuals, businesses and organizations. We have developed numerous workshops and conferences designed to facilitate the necessary internal and external growth. These include…

CEO DNA Codes ~

It has been said that within every individual lies the seeds of greatness. We identify these seeds as the CEO DNA codes. Everyone has them. However, these codes lie in seed form waiting for recognition and then cultivation. The ability to Administrate, Operate, Market and conduct Finances are the codes that play an essential role in businesses, organizations and even in the lives of individuals. Training is beneficial in the understanding and practical application of these codes.


When it comes to creating wealth, there are three components: Spiritual, Emotional and Mechanical. Unfortunately, most individuals focus on the spiritual and mechanical processes and overlook the connecting factor— EQW.

The Emotional Quotient of Wealth is the fulcrum that weighs the experiences, aspirations and internal thought processes of an individual against the factual data and calculations of finances. It acknowledges the internal belief system and the pragmatic formulas of reason to create a response based upon wisdom without emotional entanglements. It removes reactionary impulses and produces proactive solutions and strategies. A developed EQW provides the ability to create wealth!

Tribal Leadership ~

Tribal leadership focuses on identifying the stages of culture and how individuals, businesses, organizations and communities can transition through these stages successfully. It is not about performance evaluations, project management or even a well structured business plan. Rather, tribal leadership is moving past procedure to identifying the underlying core value and common bond within an environment. This revelation, combined with insight, can shift cultures and transition mindsets from preservation to innovation.

Financial Strategy Team ~

Organizations have depended upon the generosity of donors as the financial foundation for their ministries. This single stream of income is directly connected to the circumstances and faithfulness of individuals and often creates questionable sustainability.

Financial Strategy Team training is designed to broaden the financial platform for organizations through the intentional development of donors. Four strategic components are integrated together to increase financial literacy and transition individuals, as well as the organization, from spenders to savers to wealth creators

Our goal is to be a catalyst that helps people, businesses and organizations discover their point of convergence so they can enter the freeway of life. We realize that on this freeway, they will excel as quickly as their vehicle will allow. Therefore, their vehicle must be prepared and secure, with solid internal wiring that is fine tuned for maximum performance …and enjoyment!

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