At our recent Nourish The Dream event in Tampa, Gary Keesee shared a powerful nugget from the early ministry of Jesus. In Luke 5, Jesus was teaching a crowd of people and was soon surrounded and pressed. He was backed up to the water where Peter and his partners in their commercial fishing business were cleaning their nets after having toiled all night with nothing to show for it.

Can you identify with that? Working… slaving… tearfully laboring without the results you need?

Jesus called upon Peter to allow Him to use one of Peter’s boats. Peter agreed, so Jesus stepped into the boat and asked Peter to push away from the bank so he could teach the crowds from there. After Jesus finished, he told Peter to let down his nets for a catch. (One translation says, “Let down your nets for a haul.”)

You know the story: They caught so many fish that the nets began to break and the boats began to sink.

Why Did Peter & His Partners Catch So Many Fish?

Let Down Your Nets for a Catch!

Let Down Your Nets for a Catch!

It sounds like a nice miracle story—especially when you’re in business and you recognize all those fish for what they represented to the business owners: profit.

But Gary pointed that this wasn’t just an arbitrary miracle that Jesus sovereignly chose to perform. Instead, it was an operation of the laws of the Kingdom of God.

When Peter permitted Jesus to use his boat, he placed his business under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of God. The government of God came over the business. That permitted the laws of the Kingdom to operate.

Just like the widow’s jars of oil (see 2 Kings 4) which Elisha commanded to be filled and sold; when the government of God comes over a business enterprise, the business will be filled to capacity.

For Peter and his partners to be blessed financially, they had to take something they had authority over (something under their control) and place it under the government of God. (Have you ever thought about Peter’s partners and how blessed they were that day to have been in partnership with him?)

Here’s What Was Really Amazing

After Gary shared that particular incident with the Nourish the Dream audience, one of our other speakers had an opportunity to reflect on it. You see, he had been the CEO of a public company for a number of years. He had always attributed the success they enjoyed under his leadership to his own relationship with God and to subjecting his decision-making to the Scriptures.

But he experienced an “epiphany” that day. He said he had never understood previously that what he had done was placed that company under the authority and government of the Kingdom of God. This was why they experienced some otherwise-inexplicable successes and pulled out of some difficult places!

What do you have today that you can place under the government of God? Is it a business? Is it a business idea? Perhaps it’s an invention or a product idea. Place it at the service of the King. Lay it at His feet. Ask Him to show you how to place it at His disposal. Then proclaim a blessing over it and watch it produce like never before!

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