Are you working toward your dream today?

Have you taken the time to clearly articulate your dream? Perhaps it’s to take your business to a new level of profitability and effectiveness this year. Maybe your dream involves launching a new business… getting that invention developed… launching a product or even writing a book.

Whatever your dream, one thing you can be sure of: there will be challenges and obstacles.

Sometimes January comes with its own unique hurdles. There can be a “let down” from the excitement of the Holidays. The New Year has a way of drawing attention to what we may not have accomplished last year.

What are you facing today? Regardless of how big the obstacle, how overwhelming the challenge, or how much the odds may be stacked against you, you need to hear this:

“All things are possible to him who believes.” (Mark 9:23 NKJV)

All Things Are Possible

Another translation (Young’s Literal Translation) renders this sentence like this:

“…all thing are possible to the one that is believing.”

All things are possible to the one that is believingWhat I love about this translation is the emphasis it places on the ongoing process of believing that is there in the original language. In other words, when Jesus spoke these words—to a man whose son had no hope of survival, no less!—he included the idea that believing in your dream isn’t something you do one time.

Your God-given dream is possible—but you’ve got to keep believing!

This week, a recurring theme on the webinars we’ve held with Tom Ziglar and Debra Thompson Roedl is this: you can get where you’re trying to go… you can achieve the goals and objectives you’ve set.  But the battle for your dream is all inside you.

Having expertise, knowledge and know-how is important. Setting goals is vital. But as Tom Ziglar shared, you must feed your mind:

  • the good,
  • the clean,
  • the pure,
  • the powerful, and
  • the positive

…to keep your focus, your attitude and even your believing where you need it to be!

I want to challenge you to feed yourself what you need to take in to keep believing, to stay positive, to stay focused. If you don’t make a choice to do this, the pressures of life will keep you on the ropes.

Negativity, pressure and challenges are all going to come your way. But you can accomplish your dream in 2013 if you’ll feed your mind good stuff and keep believing!

Did You Miss These Webinars?

If you haven’t yet heard what Tom and Debra had to share, you can catch the replays here. I urge you to take some time and do so as soon as possible. Even this simple step will feed your dream!

Listen to Tom’s webinar replay here. Listen to Debra’s webinar replay here.

Want more strategic fuel for your mind and your dream? We’ve got more webinars coming up, including one this evening with Robert Ricciardelli at 8pm Eastern (6pm Mountain). Robert is a powerful leader, a life coach and host of The Converging Zone. He’s always got something interesting and valuable to say.

I want to personally invite you to check out the dates and times for the upcoming webinars and register for the ones you want to attend.

And of course, the 2-day Nourish The Dream event in Phoenix is only 2 weeks away! This will be jam-packed with solid fuel to nourish YOUR dream and also provide you with practical tools you can use to make it happen. Early bird registration expires tomorrow, which saves you $100!

I’ll hope to see you on the webinars and in Phoenix! Either way… I look forward to sending more fuel for your dream in the days ahead!

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