Nourish The Dream Podcast with David G. Johnson & Dean Burnside

We are excited to announce that the podcast is becoming a regular weekly feature here at Nourish The Dream!

Published each Wednesday, you won’t want to miss the Nourish The Dream podcast if you are:

  • a business owner or entrepreneur
  • a businessperson looking to live out your faith in the business arena
  • looking to expand the influence of the Kingdom of God in your own life

This is one of the best ways to stay connected to the Nourish The Dream movement! You’ll hear compelling interviews with top business leaders like Buck Jacobs (founder of C12), Dr. Henry Blackaby, Dennis Peacocke and more!

You’ll also learn about upcoming LIVE events that will get you opportunities to learn, grow and connect with others involved in Nourish The Dream in our area!

In this episode, you’ll meet Dean Burnside, Owner & President of Good News Pest Solutions in Sarasota, Florida. Good News Pest Solutions is a full-time, for-profit Christian ministry disguised as a pest control company, and Dean has tremendous insight and experience to share from his many years as owner of this business. Dean is also a 15-year veteran member of C12, where he’s had access to some of the top thinking and leadership in marketplace ministry.


We’re excited to have you listening. Please subscribe via iTunes or add this RSS feed to any RSS reader:

Enjoy this first episode of 2013 featuring David & Dean!

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