At some point in the pursuit of our God-given dreams, we all have a moment. For some of us, it’s at the very beginning of the journey. For others… it happens somewhere along the way. But we all have to come to grips with a very simple reality:

“Winning just isn’t for me.”

Winning Isn't For YouYou see… winning demands too much. It requires personal sacrifice that goes much further than we ever imagined. The obstacles are too insurmountable, the giants too huge, the responsibilities too heavy to carry.

Sure… for some, winning looks easier than it does for others. But behind all those victories are battles fought that most of us will never see.

Losing is far easier. Settling for mediocrity is much less costly. Compromising for something less than our true dream is less taxing on our families, personal lives, and endurance.

Which is why we don’t win for ourselves.

We win so that we can purchase children out of enslavement and trafficking. We win so that we can pay for the college education of a neighbor’s kid. We win so that we can propel our own children further than we ourselves can go. We win so that we can redeem orphaned children in Africa from the ravages of HIV.

We win to transform the world — even if only the world of a few. We win to push back the darkness. We win to have the resources to change things. We win to change the future — for our families, our cities, and our nations. We win because the One who paid dearly for our lives equips us and empowers us to overcome the obstacles. We win because He wins. We take territory as His representatives so that His ways can affect the lives and futures of others. We defeat challenges so that the piece of ground we govern — whether it’s a sandbox or a mountain or a continent — can express His goodness.

For you, the specific “why” may look different from mine. But winning isn’t for you.

And we both know it.

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