Dear Pastor and/or Leader,

Over many years of ministry, I’ve had the honor of working to see the Kingdom of God advance alongside many of your colleagues. In the congregational setting, I’ve spent a cumulative total of over 10 years in pulpit ministry. And while every congregation is certainly unique, I understand the passion, the heart, the challenges and the struggles that are involved in the work you do.

And that’s precisely why I’m asking for your support in this movement. Why? Here are some thought-provoking comments:

“I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace.” – Billy Graham

“Societal transformation is high on God’s agenda and the chief catalytic force to bring it about will be Christians ministering in the marketplace.” C. Peter Wagner, Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

One of the chief sources of frustration for Pastors and Church leaders that I frequently hear is:

It is so hard to get the people in my congregation to get off of the pew and get involved.

Friends, I have come to believe (as many of you have expressed to me in private conversations) that one of the keys to unlocking the passions and fruitfulness of believers today has to do with understanding their purpose and role in advancing the Kingdom of God through the marketplace.

We are also witnessing one of the greatest opportunities for entrepreneurial expansion in history. Recent statistics from the U.S. Government point to a huge increase in the number of people who are becoming self-employed or are starting businesses. I believe that it is time for the Body of Christ to shine. And I don’t have to tell you that a believer who is schooled in Biblical economics is a much more effective member of your congregation.

If the people you’re leading are like so many others, then you’re probably speaking to people who are looking to make an impact in the world by allowing God to work through them in their own spheres of influence. Some of them may be planning to start a business, others already own businesses, and others yet are working to expand their spheres of influence in sectors like health care, education, media, the arts, or government. Wherever they may be working on a daily basis, it is our desire to add to the body of Christ by equipping and training your people to be effective in the marketplace.

I want to invite you to pick up the phone and call toll-free (866) 563-7317. I or someone from my team will be happy to talk with you about how we can work together to strengthen your people.

I look forward to being in touch.

For King & Kingdom

David G. Johnson