“…a mostly unorganized mass of believers–a counterculture bubbling up all over corporate America–who want to bridge the traditional divide between spirituality and work. Historically, such folk operated below the radar, on their own or in small workplace groups where they prayed or studied the Bible. But now they are getting organized and going public to agitate for change.” — Fortune Magazine, July 16, 2001

“People who want to mix God and business are rebels on several fronts. They reject the centuries-old American conviction that spirituality is a private matter. They challenge religious thinkers who disdain business as an inherently impure pursuit. They disagree with business people who say that religion is unavoidably divisive.” — Fortune Magazine, July 16, 2001

“Today, a spiritual revival is sweeping across Corporate America as people of all stripes are mixing mysticism into their management, importing into office corridors the lessons usually dolled out in churches, temples, and mosques. Gone is the old taboo against talking about God at work.” — BusinessWeek Magazine, November 1999

“The way God runs His Creation qualifies Him as the most prominent and productive businessman of all. When Christian business professionals see this reality and begin to operate their businesses the way God does His, then it will radically change them, what we call Christianity, and the entire world in the process. This book establishes a Biblical foundation which can strengthen and uphold the free enterprise system, and help bring the kind of changes for which those, who long for freedom and true justice, are compelled to give their lives.” — Dennis Peacocke, from the preface to Doing Business God’s Way

As you can see from the above quotes, the world is starting to take notice of the fact that a grassroots movement is beginning to stir among God’s people.  In many ways, the Church is waking up to the fact that we the Body of Christ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do not “go to church,” we are the Church.

The organizers of “Nourish The Dream” believe that the way that we conduct business is as much a “ministry” (service) to the Kingdom and to the world as anything else the Church does.  In fact, we believe that since God is the creator of all things (including economics, money, and the principles upon which they operate), He is ultimately the author of “business” and the source of all sound business Wisdom.  It is God’s desire that His people operate with skill in the realm of creating value and exchanging it for multi-generational wealth (“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children… Proverbs 13:22a NKJV).

Furthermore, since ultimately the goal of the New Testament is to bring sons to maturity (see Hebrews 2:10, Ephesians 4:12-14,  Colossians 1:27-29, and Romans 8:14-19), we recognize that God is using the crucible of business as a training ground for His sons (and of course, His daughters). It is in learning management, stewardship, principles of growth, and the skills obtained through experience that we become mature and fit for His purposes.  Learning to operate according to Biblical principles – with integrity, honesty, real long-term value, etc – requires that we have relationship with Him, strong faith, and that we apply diligence.  This, friends, is Godly.

This is what “Nourish The Dream” is all about.  We want to wake up that God-given dream of becoming a mature son or daughter who is truly suited for the Master’s use.  We want to fan the flames of passion within God’s people to “possess the gates” of their enemies and to truly impact the world for the Kingdom of God in real, valuable ways.  We want to encourage all of those who are on the journey and to provide opportunities for them to see that they are not alone in the fight.  We want to equip with valuable lessons learned, with Godly Wisdom, and with Biblical principles, skills, and techniques that will give them the edge over competitors and propel them toward realizing their God-given potential.

Won’t you join us?