Jusin DeStoppelaire

Justin is a man of passion, known for his contagious enthusiasm and his pursuit of excellence.  Whether consulting business or organizational leaders, encouraging those in the local community, or investing time with his family, Justin gives all he has to offer.

Justin had his first taste of entrepreneurship while in high school and it changed his life.  He realized early on that the path to freedom comes in the pursuit of proprietorship.  Despite his desire to go directly into the business world he continued his education and received his Bachelors of Science in psychology.

Justin worked for a telecommunication company, built it to a more profitable level, was made president, and this past year sold the company.  During this same time, he also started a real estate development company and played a significant role in aligning the right people so it, too, became a financial success in its first year.  He then served as executive vice-president for a medical manufacturing company, helping to re-structure it for large scale production with increased profits and minimal personnel. After a few months of corporate America, Justin decided it was his time and season to follow his true passions; consulting and public speaking.

In 2005, Justin became a licensed Total Integration consultant and opened C Service Consulting, Inc.  The culmination of his experiences and God given talents are setting Christian business owners free to make the paradigm shift so they, too, can experience a deeper revelation of Kingdom economics.  Justin believes there is more to business than just success.  He believes now is the time for business owners to turn their success into something of significance.

Rapidly rising as a much sought-after leader in the Tampa Bay area, Justin has been leading a congregation of people who are desperate for God and desire a deeper and more personal relationship with Him.  Much of the world is being shaken and Justin is helping others reach a higher level so they can navigate with boldness, clarity, and peace.