Michael Q. PinkMichael is the founder of Selling Among Wolves and began his sales career in the challenging field of life insurance in 1975. He spent the next eighteen years in sales, sales management and private business, starting and selling three companies including Hidden Manna Publishing with his wife Brenda. During that time, he released several best selling books including The Bible Incorporated, Psalm 91—The Ultimate Shield and Grace for Grief.

In 1993, he founded the Strategic Resource Institute, the parent company of Selling Among Wolves, providing sales training, coaching and consulting services in the United States and abroad. In recent years he wrote Selling Among Wolves—Without Joining The Pack! and co-wrote with authors like Larry Burkett (Profiles of Success) & Dennis Peacocke, (How To Manage a Million Dollars—Or Less!). He currently writes for several national business magazines including Success, Business Reform and Godly Business Woman. He also has tens of thousands of subscribers to his free daily coaching e-mail.

For over seven years he hosted a two minute daily radio program heard on over 200 stations and has done guest interviews on numerous radio and television programs including American Family Radio’s “Today’s Issues“, Larry Burkett’s “How to Manage Your Money“, Moody Radio’s “Midday Connection“, and “Prime Time America” and “The 700 Club“.

He is currently planting an international training center in Panama called the Rainforest Institute which teaches business leaders from around the world business wisdom from God’s creation. Here’s the premise: The rainforest is the most fruitful, productive and diverse ecosystem in the world using extremely limited resources (only two inches of topsoil). How it gets so much productivity out of such limited resources is what every business needs to know. God encoded the answers into His creation (Rom 1:20) and business owners and entrepreneurs are invited to discover them in person using the rainforest as a classroom. (See www.rainforestinstitute.org for details)

Michael is married to Brenda, the love of his life who is also an incredible artist. Click here to look at some of her work. Together, they have five grown children (two in heaven, two in British Columbia and one in Nashville, TN) and two grand children.