Has God Called You To The Marketplace?


For many, many years, the Church at large has treated those in the marketplace as second-class citizens. It was as though the only “high calling” from God was to be a Pastor or Evangelist or Missionary. If you didn’t fit into one of those categories, then your work in life was somehow less significant. Sometimes, this thinking was overt, but it usually was an unspoken belief structure that was below the surface of the Church’s sermons and activities.

This left the bulk of Christianity with a basic frustration: How can I matter? How can I make my life mean something?

Most of the Church just accepted as fact the notion that their importance was limited.

Thankfully, the Church is waking up to the truth. In order for the Kingdom of God to advance, it will require our participation 7 days a week. We must be the Church… wherever we are and whatever we do. This is what Jesus had in mind when He commissioned us to, “Go therefore….”

In addition, we recognize that the Spirit of God is stirring His people to truly realize their dreams. That many sense a calling to own businesses. And that there are those who already own businesses that are awakening to the truth that God called them to the business world. Some are called into government… some into education… some into the arts…. No matter what shape it may take, your call to the marketplace is not a second-class calling, but a high calling from God.

For those who find themselves in one of these categories, we applaud you. And we want to help you recognize the giftings and callings of God that are operating in your lives. We want to provide an opportunity for you to be encouraged and equipped for your full-time ministry. And we want to create an atmosphere that will allow for relationships between Kingdom-minded people to be built and strengthened.

We encourage you to dream. And we’re here to help you Nourish The Dream.