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Buck Jacobs: How To Bring Faith to Your Business

Part 2 of Our Interview with Buck Jacobs @BuckLJacobs
Founder of The C12 Group

Today’s episode picks up where part 1 of our interview with Buck Jacobs left off, with Buck tackling a question about how success is defined.

From there, you’ll hear Buck share some experiences from his many years of working with CEOs and business owners […]


2013 Reboot: Meet Dean Burnside

We are excited to announce that the podcast is becoming a regular weekly feature here at Nourish The Dream!

Published each Wednesday, you won’t want to miss the Nourish The Dream podcast if you are:

a business owner or entrepreneur
a businessperson looking to live out your faith in the business arena
looking to expand the influence of the Kingdom of […]


Are Your Dreams Dying?

In this episode, we’re reviving the Nourish The Dream Podcast! This is going to become a regular feature around here, and with today’s installment, we’re going straight for a very difficult subject.

How Have the Circumstances of Recent Years Affected You and Your Dreams?
With a rapidly changing, often difficult business climate for the last few […]


Interview: William “Paul” Young, Author of The Shack

For the final episode of our podcast in 2008, I wanted to share with you this interview that I conducted along with my good friend Michael Q. Pink a couple of months ago.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve read the runaway bestseller, The Shack, you’ll want to hear what author Paul Young has to […]

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Christian Business Podcast

***Update: The podcast mentioned below doesn’t exist any more, but we’re beginning to produce a Christian Business Podcast right here at Be sure to subscribe to our e-mails so you won’t miss anything!
Just a quick note to let you know about a relatively new feature that I’m involved with.  It’s a weekly Christian […]