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Do the Hard Things!

The easy button…it’s been a marketing bullseye ever since that giant red button first arrived in 2005.

Let’s face it, human nature likes easy. Heck, the entire universe craves easy. Newton’s First Law of Motion says: Things want to keep doing what they are usually doing. (my paraphrase) And for most of us, that’s taking […]

Greed or Good?

In one of the great dichotomies of all time, the church has spent much of the last millennium in a love/hate relationship with wealth and commerce.

On the one hand, you have the “hate” side. This includes:

leaders taking vows of poverty, often as a way to demonstrate their own abandonment of self-interest. As a group, […]

Buck Jacobs: How To Bring Faith to Your Business

Part 2 of Our Interview with Buck Jacobs @BuckLJacobs
Founder of The C12 Group

Today’s episode picks up where part 1 of our interview with Buck Jacobs left off, with Buck tackling a question about how success is defined.

From there, you’ll hear Buck share some experiences from his many years of working with CEOs and business owners […]


Ziglar is Coming to Town

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As you can tell from the video (above), we’re back in event mode here at Nourish The Dream. For our friends in Florida, Tom Ziglar is coming to town! Read on for more details.

And regardless of where you are, please mark your calendar for January 25th & 26th. We’re bringing our next 2-day Nourish […]

Why God Doesn’t Want to get Involved in Your Business

Whenever I teach on “marketplace ministries,” I often ask in my presentation, “Who wants God to get involved in your business?” The vast majority of those present raise their hands expecting me to help them find effective ways to help them further achieve that “divine connection.” To their surprise, I not only don’t help […]

Has God Called You to Business?

Note: Thanks to some recent developments, we have quite a few new readers who may not really be familiar with what Nourish The Dream is all about… so we felt it was time for an introduction of sorts. Enjoy!

A little over ten years ago, I stepped out of my full-time job as a Pastor […]

You’re a Firework… and It’s Time to Explode!

Regardless of what is going on around you today, I have something burning in my heart that I believe God wants me to share with you: you’re amazing!

God has placed giftings, abilities, and passion in you that the world is waiting… longing… yearning to see! In fact, the world is in desperate need of […]

What’s Coming Next?

Throughout the past year or so, an unusual recurring theme has found its way into any number of conversations I’ve been a part of — primarily in a business context.
What kind of economic shake-up is coming? And… how can we be best prepared for it?
On a local level, a group of Kingdom-minded leaders — […]

5 Reasons Why the Rules Don’t Apply Anymore

This episode of the Nourish The Dream Podcast features special guest Justin DeStoppelaire, CEO & Founder of C Service Consulting, Inc.

Justin provides insight into what we need to do to operate our businesses in this new season. The conversation ranges from the economy to Google and includes valuable information on how to adapt.

Hosted by […]

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Christian Business Podcast

***Update: The podcast mentioned below doesn’t exist any more, but we’re beginning to produce a Christian Business Podcast right here at Be sure to subscribe to our e-mails so you won’t miss anything!
Just a quick note to let you know about a relatively new feature that I’m involved with.  It’s a weekly Christian […]