Do the Hard Things!

The easy button…it’s been a marketing bullseye ever since that giant red button first arrived in 2005.

Let’s face it, human nature likes easy. Heck, the entire universe craves easy. Newton’s First Law of Motion says: Things want to keep doing what they are usually doing. (my paraphrase) And for most of us, that’s taking […]

God’s Calling on the Entrepreneur

After an extended break, we pick right back up at full speed ahead in this episode by looking at God’s calling on the entrepreneur. You’ll hear some remarkable comments on the important role of “entrepreneurial capitalism” in lifting people out of poverty by none other than Bono (yes… that Bono).

Want to sound off? Add your […]


How to Survive an Attack… and Win!

Any time you make a decision to place a portion of your life under God’s government, it should come as no surprise that the enemy of your soul isn’t happy about it.

Here at Nourish The Dream, we’re typically talking about business. If you’re like most of our subscribers and readers, you’re pursuing a dream […]

Taste and See that the Lord is Good

In this episode of the Nourish The Dream Podcast, I’m posting audio from a message I shared recently in the pulpit of my good friend, Jesse DiMartino of the Freedom Center in Sarasota.

If you’ll forgive some local information and a brief personal story, you’ll hear the real heart behind the recent post, Cultivating a […]

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Cultivating a Heart that Listens to God

It seems like the bad economic news just keeps coming. Last week’s jobs report reflects the worst numbers in the entire lifetime of Generation X. Hopefully the recession hasn’t impacted your business or family personally, but even as I write this line, I know that the likelihood is that it has — or at […]