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Do the Hard Things!

The easy button…it’s been a marketing bullseye ever since that giant red button first arrived in 2005.

Let’s face it, human nature likes easy. Heck, the entire universe craves easy. Newton’s First Law of Motion says: Things want to keep doing what they are usually doing. (my paraphrase) And for most of us, that’s taking […]

How to Get Your Plans to Succeed

If you’ve followed Nourish The Dream for any length of time, you’re already aware of my love for the book of Proverbs. It’s such a great habit to dive into one chapter each day… and since there are 31 chapters, you make it all the way through the book each month. (Well… give or […]

  • Wes Cantrell: How One Biblical Truth Can Transform Your Business
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    Wes Cantrell: How One Biblical Truth Can Transform Your Business Results

Wes Cantrell: How One Biblical Truth Can Transform Your Business Results

In this episode, we’re honored to have Wes Cantrell, former CEO of Lanier Worldwide, with us. Wes has been a regular feature at our Nourish The Dream business events for the last couple of years and has written two powerful books: High Performance Ethics (with Jim Lucas) and From the Shop Floor to the Top Floor.

Remarkably, […]


Expressing Your Calling in Business

In this episode, David G. Johnson & Dean Burnside discuss the process of changing the name of Dean’s business from Macy’s Termite & Pest Control (with over 20 year of history, branding and goodwill) to Good News Pest Solutions.

Along the way, important topics like these come up:

How will your calling be expressed in business?
If […]


Buck Jacobs: How To Bring Faith to Your Business

Part 2 of Our Interview with Buck Jacobs @BuckLJacobs
Founder of The C12 Group

Today’s episode picks up where part 1 of our interview with Buck Jacobs left off, with Buck tackling a question about how success is defined.

From there, you’ll hear Buck share some experiences from his many years of working with CEOs and business owners […]


Why Events Can Help You Have a Phenomenal 2013

Update: If you want to make sure you hear about values-based, phenomenal business events in the future, sign up for this free download, and we’ll make sure you’re don’t miss out!

I’m privileged to be blogging this morning from a business event in Houston with Tom Ziglar (CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and “Proud Son of Zig Ziglar”) […]

No “Plan B”

This morning as I was grabbing a cup of coffee at Starbucks, I happened to spot Van Morrison’s new disc on display at the checkout. To my knowledge, I haven’t heard any of the music from it, but the title nailed me:
“Born To Sing: No Plan B”
Wow. That speaks volumes.

It reminds me of a […]

How My Business Flourished During an Economic Collapse

While Others in Our Industry Crashed & Burned, We Had Record Sales, Quintupled Our Staff and Had to
Move Into Bigger Offices
You Can Thrive Regardless of Conditions — Once You Know and Understand the Simple Principles That I Learned
Hello Friend,

I want to share a story with you about something that happened in our business in the last […]

Is Your Dream Under Pressure?

Are you working toward your dream today?

Have you taken the time to clearly articulate your dream? Perhaps it’s to take your business to a new level of profitability and effectiveness this year. Maybe your dream involves launching a new business… getting that invention developed… launching a product or even writing a book.

Whatever your dream, […]

In Memoriam: Zig Ziglar

We got word earlier that Zig Ziglar passed away peacefully this morning, having battled briefly with pneumonia. The team here at Nourish The Dream and I are deeply saddened for multiple reasons. First and foremost, we have developed a great love for Tom Ziglar and the team at Ziglar, Inc. over the last several […]