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Tampa 2012 Preview Webinar with Dennis Peacocke

Join Us LIVE Thursday, February 9th at 2pm EST

As founder and president of Strategic Christian Services, Dennis Peacocke has been a pioneer in contemporary Christian thought and demonstrating the relevance of Christianity to every area of life. He pulls no punches when discussing Christianity and how it should look in every day life, particularly the economic realm.

Dennis has authored three books: Winning the Battle for the Minds of Men, Doing Business God’s Way, and The Emperor Has No Clothes, as well as recorded numerous audio and video presentations.

Dennis is part of a world-class line-up of business leaders, entrepreneurs and experts who will be equipping & training people to reach a new level of success at Nourish The Dream in Tampa, FL, March 30-31, 2012.

This webinar is just a “preview” of the caliber and quality of training you’ll receive as part of Nourish The Dream. Don’t miss the “Preview Webinars” with each of the other members of the Nourish The Dream faculty. See all the details here.

This event is hosted by David G. Johnson, Founder of Nourish The Dream